Excel playing hide and go seek

  • Here is the situation. I'll have a workbook open on my machine. I'll click a hyperlink to a word doc and of course word opens and displays the file I want. But when I go back to Excel the workbook is hidden. I can't find the option I hope exists to turn this off. It's really just an inconvience but I hate it anyways. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • How about Window --> Unhide --> Save for the Excel workbook? That should certainly Unhide the workbook --if the screen is gray, of course (not blank, indicating that the Sheet is hidden). If you open the workbook, and then Unhide it, and then click to your Word link, and then close your Excel workbook without saving it, then the next time you return to the workbook it will remain hidden. This is the only possible scenario I can think of, unless there's a Macro in your Excel worksheet that tells it to hide it upon clicking the hyperlink. If the latter is the cause, there's some great VBAers on the Excel/VBA forum that might be able to help.

    Bubbis Thedog


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