Macro to Enter Shape or picture

  • I am making a spreadsheet file for our football offcials group to review rules.

    I tried to record a macro to copy a shape and put it into the spreadsheet, but the shape does not copy.

    How do I get the shape to copy into the spreadsheet?

    What I want is for them to "think" what they would do and then click the macro and it will show them where the ball would be after the foul/fouls.

  • Re: Macro to Enter Shape or picture

    Try this.

    Sheet9.Shapes("5-Point Star 40").Select

    [SIZE=3]The Only Dumb Question Is A Question Not Asked.[/SIZE]

  • Re: Macro to Enter Shape or picture

    Thanks for your expertiese.. That did it. Now when they click to see the results, it will post the star where the ball will be after the enforcement

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