Launch Excel from DOS Batch file and tell it to run Macro???

  • I need to edit a .csv file which is generated from another program.
    What I do now is have a DOS batch file which runs the program to generate the file then opens the file in excel.

    I then manually run a macro to format/sort the data.

    How can I automate the step to run the macro?
    Wasn't there at one time a commandline switch to specify a macro?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    - MM

  • I have received the same reply on many forums but....

    The .csv file generated by a separate program is NOT an excel file and can NOT have macros/events.

    I am not converting to excel, I am editing a .csv file then resaving as a .csv

    My question is specifically aimed at externally (DOS Batch file) telling Excel to open a .csv file and then run a macro defined in the personal.xls (Personal workbook)

  • Try creating an Excel file to open after the CSV file. Your batch script would work as follows:

    Open MyFile.csv with Excel
    Open MyUtility.xls with Excel

    MyUtility.xls could contain the Auto_Open macro to perform the necessary work on MyFile.csv.


  • Thanks

    Thanks, I give that a try.
    I was hoping there was a way to call a macro from the commandline via a startup switch

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