Macros code protection

  • Hi,

    I have designed a macros code for my team, which i presently in my personal workbook.

    Now, I want to lock the macros code so as to nobody can access it and send it to my team guys, so that each one of them can individually run the macros whenever they need it.

    Can it be done???

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    In the VBE Editor from the Tools Menu select VBAProject properties. In the dialog that open choose the protection tab. Check the Lock project for viewing box and enter a password as requested and click OK. Then close the workbook. When you open it again the project will be locked so keep the password safe

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    right click your tab and go -- VIEW CODE -- TOOLS -- VBAPROJECT PROPERTIES -- PROTECTION -- check Lock project for viewing == put your password in

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    Yes,this is fine, it does lock the macros code.

    Now the code is presently in my personal workbook, Now I want to mail the workbook so that, the other guys can open the raw files and run the macros on them as per their need.

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    Nope, that is not my concern.

    The code is in my personal workbook.. So when I want mail the workbook to someone else, he/she would not be able to run the macros as it is in my personal workbook.

    So, I need that I move the code out of my personal work book and lock the code. Then probably mail a blank work book or something to my team with the macros in it, So that they open the raw files and then run macros on it.

    How can it be done?? that was my ques..


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    Still I guess, we gusy are not on same page.

    I'll explain.

    Ok, I have creates a macros for my team, which on running it, kind of formats, filters etc the raw files downloaded from server, thus making them presentable.

    Now the macros code is in my personal workbook.

    So I want to send the macros code out to my team, so that they cannot view the macros code, but they should be able to download those raw files from server then simply run the macros, so that the raw files get formatted.

    They then just simply save the formatted files at the desired location.

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    Ok Guys,

    Here is what I did.

    I did take a raw file and copied down the macros from personal workbook to this file and mailed it to the team.

    Now, my team guys are able to run the macros in only in the file I mailed them, but not in any other raw files they have.

    Now, how do I get the code into there systems or create a template sort if thing for macros, so that they can run it on any files??

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    I can't believe that you're actually just copy and pasting your responses into each forum without acknowledging any of the people that have made suggestions/referencing the advice you've been given

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    I am very well acknowledging the posts.

    I did try copying the code from personal workbooks. I have no idea about how to go about the excel add in thing.

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    Well you haven't acknowledged very well. Anyway, I've pointed out what you need to do so now do a little research on Excel add-ins.

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    Quote from royUK;631695

    Well you haven't acknowledged very well. Anyway, I've pointed out what you need to do so now do a little research on Excel add-ins.


    I am extremely sorry guys. I did take lil bit of your ideas and did a research for add-ins.

    Somehow, I got the code working.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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