Search box in Excel to search key words in sentences in multiple worksheets

  • Afternoon,

    I've used this website a lot as it has helped resolve so many questions, so thank you everyone. There is one question that I havent found an answer to. I know there is someone out there who has the answer.

    I've attached an example excel file [ATTACH=CONFIG]49202[/ATTACH], this spreadsheet will be a database which contains all the questions/answers I have encountered from various documents/files/reports/etc. The database will be updated regularly with new questions/answers into the different worksheets depending on category.

    Each worksheet will have:
    Column A - will have the name of document/file/report.
    Column B - would contain the question or answer

    In "Search" sheet, I would like to use a search box, to type a key word that I would like to find across the different worksheets. The search would look into the Column B, through the phrase/paragraphs/sentences (number of words and length in Column B will vary). And then provide in search sheet, the worksheet that contains the word (Column F), the document the word came from (Column G) and the row it is found in (Column H).

    I would like to add extra questions/answers to the different worksheets and even add new ones. So it would be very helpeful to understand what formula/macro changes I need to complete to update Excel document.

    So anyone who is able to help, please let me know what I need to do.

    Thank you again for all your posts and help :)

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