It's possible to create an "autorization" workbook with excel?

  • Hi!!.. Good Afternoon!

    Thanks for your answers, have helped me to go learning excel vba excel!

    I have a question..
    I'm working on a time system tracking, and I want to know if it's possible to have a button for authorization (and sent by mail to me) to authorize or reject the workbook..

    Is it possible to do this automatically in vba macros?

    Best Regards!!

  • Re: It's possible to create an "autorization" workbook with excel?

    I made a system like this before but don't have any of the code anymore. :sad:

    My system assumes a shared file drive which all people are working on. After an engineer creates a Work Order the Work Order sheet is saved in a "ToBeApproved" folder on the shared drive and an email sent to the supervisor. When the supervisor gets the email s/he can open the file and press "Approved" or "Rejected". When the sheet is approved it is moved to another folder "ApprovedWorkOrders". If the "Rejected" button is pressed the sheet creates another email reply to the engineer which says the Work Order was rejected and leaves space for the supervisor to finish the email with reasons why.

    Would a system like this work for you? If so what parts of the coding do you need help with?


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