Trouble with complicated script between multiple worksheets

  • Hi, I am fairly new to formula's and scripts in excel and I have been stuck on an issue creating scripts with multiple worksheets in a workbook. I'll try to make this explanation as easy as possible :razz:

    I download 2 excel files each week with a list of names in each file. Most (but not all) of the names will appear in each sheet but not necessarily in the same order. Sheet A has a $ value associated with each name and sheet B what i call the "rankings sheet". I would like to import these worksheets each week into a new workbook, then have excel compare the names in Sheet A and add the $ value associated with each name to a new column in sheet B for each name or even just create a whole new sheet but keep the names in the same order as sheet B "ranking sheet"

    Maybe this is just complicated for a beginner or just complicated in general not sure.....

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    Maybe an easier way to explain it.
    I want excel to look at the FIRST sheet and take the first name in Column A (also record the value for that name from column B) then find that name in Column A in SECOND sheet and place the value it found in Column B to Column B on the SECOND sheet. And I need excel to repeat this for every name in the FIRST sheet.

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    Quote from Kyle123;635623

    Do you mean like VLOOKUP?

    I took a look a VLOOKUP but I thought it may needed to be more involved than VLOOKUP could handle. Once the script takes a name in Column A (SheetA) and finds that Same name in Column A (SheetB)..... i then need the script to also look at the Value for that name in the adjacent cell and apply it to the adjacent cell for the Name it found in (SheetB)


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    Ahhhh, ok so I can use 2 vlookups together. Could you give me rough out of what 2 vlookups working together would look like as far as the script. I not sure how I would script the second vlookup to grab the adjacent cell of result of another vlookup.

    thnx much for the help

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