Importing from Super Calc

  • Hello,
    I am using to using the Super Calc for my many spreadsheets. I know that it is a dinosaur but have been using it for more than 20 years. Have just been given excel software.
    I can export from Super Calc the following formats, XDIF, Dif, CSU, and dBase.
    My question is how to import any of these formats into excel. Also, can the formula in each spreadhsheet be imported.
    The excel help site talks about importing text files but not any others.
    Would appreciate your help.
    Tom Carmdy

  • Hi Tom and welcome,

    The open dialog in excel lists a whole host of diffrerent file types, including the dBase and DIF formats.

    You should be able to just open the files.
    I haven't used supercalc for over 20 years so I not sure what you will end up with in excel ;)

  • I was a wide eyed teenager when our High School math teacher showed us SuperCalc and was awed by a PC being able to run a "reeeaally powerful application" like this. He was a former military programmer who thought slide rules would never become obsolete, or punch cards for that matter. :lol:

    As far as opening a dif file in Excel, I have done this before, but not from SuperCalc. I seem to recall some issues with formula translations, but it was a long time ago.

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