regular expressions...

  • Ok, first of all... I'm sorry wasting (?) your time with such an elementary question, but I really don't find how to do this:
    It's aboaut using reg expressions...

    Dim MyString as string
    MyString="Blah Blah"
    If MyString<> [COLOR=YellowGreen]*€[/COLOR] Then
        MsgBox (MyString & "doesn't end with €")
    End if

    My question is how do I make the program read the *€ as a regular expression?
    Thank's very much in advance :thanx:

    I hope you excuse my bad english sometimes :p

  • Regular expressions are used like this:

    You will need to add a reference to "Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions" in your VBA Editor > Tools > References.

    For more help on Regex patterns, check out

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