Retreive data to generate a table/listing from a formula result

  • Hi,

    I have a schedule to record tenants paying rental record.
    Each teneant has different due date to pay the rental.
    I have do a few of formulas to get the outstanding figure by month.
    Is that any solutions that I can use the result of outstanding by months to
    generate a table or report to show of those outstanding tenants details?
    Thank you.

    Can I retrieve the data to present a table list for showing those outstanding
    from the result by month ?

  • Re: Retreive data to generate a table/listing from a formula result


    Thanks for reply,

    1st,my listing not in sequence by unit,too bad that I need to sort out those unit by lower floor to upper floor because lower floor may need to pay for 1st half rental of the month. My listing is follow contract number.For those who are new tenants always show at the bottom.

    I can only use formula to get different period outstanding amount,but I can't get it detail which I need to list it out for those who outstanding.

    So far what I am doing is, I copy the whole worksheet to new worksheet, and do the sorting and delete all those information I don't need(exp. cheque number, payment date & etc.) and list out those outstanding follow by unit to tally with the formula amount.

    Any better way to get the outstanding list ? Thank you.

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