Range Fill Down Method

  • Hi,

    The following statement seems to work in the immediate window but not as a part of a macro attached to a command button.

    Range("P9:AA" & Range("length").Value + 7).FillDown

    Any idea what is wrong with it?


  • Hmmm. I'm using Xl97 on NT. I created a new workbook, defined a cell as length and put a number in it. I put some data in P9:AA9. I then pasted your one liner into a new macro and ran it. Data filled down OK. Can you attach your problem workbook?

  • One solution to your problem.

    An example: Say you have data/formula in cells P1 to AA1 and you want to fill downwards to the last cell. Then

    a = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row ''(Assuming column A has a full length of data)

    Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("P1:AA" & a)

    This should solve your problem.



  • Weird. I experienced the same problem. Apparently there is something about filldown being invoked by a command button that doesn't work. I even modified the commandButton1_Click to call a sub in a general module to fdo the fill down. Same error. If you attach the macro (from a general module now) to a Form's button, all runs as expected. I guess that is what you will need to do.

    I leave it to more knowledgable folk to explain this apparent anomoly.

  • Hi guys, sounds like the xl97 TakeFocusOnClick bug.

    Try setting the TakeFocusOnClick Property to False of your CommandButton.

    Or use Activecell.Activate as the 1st line in the code.

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