VBA to copy 1st sheet of files from several different folders

  • Hi. The code in the bottom code window will copy the first sheet of all .xls files that reside in a single folder into a master workbook. For example:

    Fpath = "S:\Accounting\News NOP\
    Fname = Dir(Fpath & "*.xls")

    I need to find a way to get through several different folders on a website to reach different files. An example of the path would be "https://infoportal.red.com/programming/filmcontracts/WBFO/Annual_Film/" This folder would have several files in it but I would need to open and copy the first sheet of the only one that begins with the string "Film" (ie, Film_Source_File_WBFO.xls).

    There would be several folders, all like the one above except with different TV station call letters where that one has WBFO.

    For example:


    The folder at the end of each path would have a source file labeled "Source_File_(station name).xls

    Is there any way to modify this code to do this, or another way to do it? Thanks! :smile:

  • Re: VBA to copy 1st sheet of files from several different folders--Disregard Question

    I am going to post a much shorter question that may resolve the issue. Please disregard this post.

    Thank you.

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