how to disable cut on right click menu? [SOLVED]

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  • I have had no luck using books to find the answer to this question. I would like to figure out how to remove only the cut option from the right click menu. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.

  • This line will make the Cut option disappear:
    Application.CommandBars("Cell").Controls("Cut").Visible = False

    This line will make the Cut option "grayed out", so you cannot use it:
    Application.CommandBars("Cell").Controls("Cut").Enabled = False

    Change both lines to True to reinstate.
    Note, this is the literal answer to your question. Users can still cut with Ctrl+X or from the Edit menu, until you so alter them too, which maybe you don't want to do because you didn't ask about those options. Post back if you want to cover those bases too.

    Tom Urtis

  • It's funny, but I've been dealing with the problems created from the cut menu for 4 years now. I really appreciate your help. It's nice to know that there is a resource like this out here.

  • I have been using calendar.xla I found in this forum and now I have Insert Date tens times in my right click command bar. I tried this routine to delete it but it does not work. Please advise.

  • Thank goodness, I just did it.

    Application.CommandBars("Cell").controls("Insert Date").Delete

    looped it ten times and they are gone.

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