VBA "sumifs" code allows "IF" function for sub-criteria

  • The database on the attached file gives sales details from three outlets for a product ("Widget") that also has an option ("Boxed")

    NB gave me an elegant formula to cope with blank cells in the option field, but I now need a VBA solution.

    The Code below should search the database for the various criteria and paste the answers into the list on Sheet 1.

    I set up named Ranges and DIMmed them all BUT the Code generates a "Compile error" when it gets to the "If" statement whether the "Option" field is blank or not (the same issue I had when looking for the formula approach).

    Hope someone can resolve this.



  • Re: VBA "sumifs" code allows "IF" function for sub-criteria

    Can you explain what the Function is supposed to do? I'm a little confused :)

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  • Re: VBA "sumifs" code allows "IF" function for sub-criteria

    Hello, yegarboy,

    The code has to do the following:

    "D2" should show how many Widgets (Range "PRODUCT") without any sub-criteria (Range "SUBSET") were sold by Store 1 in the month selected in C1 (Range "LOOKFOR").
    The Code SHOULD do this by matching everything sold by everyone (Range "SALES) against the PRODUCT and SUBSET sold by Outlet 1 .in the month selected (LOOKFOR).
    "D3" then matches the total sales (Range "SALES") to see how many Widgets (Range "Product") that also have a sub-criteria "Boxed" (Range "Subset") were sold by the same store in the same period.
    Cols E and F do the same for the other two outlets.

    CHALLENGE: The Code needs to distinguish between a "Widget" (Data in "Product" but "SUBSET" as blank) and a "Boxed Widget" (data in both "Product" and "SUBSET" columns). Without that it adds up ALL Widget sales in Col L (because it adds up everything saying "Widget" in Column H) THEN "double counts" the "Boxed Widgets" (because it selects every row with "Widgets" in Col H and "Boxed" in Column "I").

    DB solved the problem of the "blank cell" wiht a formula that had an "IF" statement in the middle of the calculation. When I translated that to VBA the code refused to accept it and threw up a "Compile Error" statement.

    Two quick points: This is a sample based on a rather large and complex spreadsheet so it is not possible to simply add "Unboxed" as a SUBSET. Nor (sadly) is it possible to take all the "Widget" sales, deduct "Boxed Widgets" and poste the balance as "Widgets".

    Hope this clarifies


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