VB code for indenting text 3 spaces

  • How do I change the code below to create a 3 space indent to the Name within the paragraph?

    I'm not sure what should be typed above the .typetext Text:=Name

  • Re: VB code for indenting text 3 spaces

    You can either increase the Left indent or type 3 spaces. The former is preferable as the spaces will not be of equal pitch depending in the font/bold attributes of the text.

    That is assuming that 'Country', 'State' and 'City' are defined variables in your application.

    You (probably) should also include a 'TypeParagraph' after entering each variable, otherwise the text is concatenated on one line.

    Last point: Selection is a property of the Application object, so unless you have a

    With Application

    prior to the code you posted, the line

    With .Selection

    will raise an error.

  • Re: VB code for indenting text 3 spaces

    Thank you. I tried this below and when it cycled through the output to a word doc did what I wanted.

    .typetext Text:" "+Name

  • Re: VB code for indenting text 3 spaces

    Yes Patel, it's an excel macro with output to a word doc... I think it's working the way it needs to now for the final output...........you folks are great with your help to us newbies!

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