Having issues with findnext function does not work like I want it.

  • Can anyone look at the attached code and see what i am doing wrong. I tried first to search for PLCMSGString then when it finds it i tried to get the range from column A to where the string is found. Then try to search this new range for some other strings, but the first time if find the correct string it would go through the code, but when it reaches the .findnext it finds string other than PLCMSGString. the PLCMSGString is appears more than once, but all three will appear only once in the spreasheet. What i tried to accomplish is when i find PLCMSGString then search for the other strings in the same range if found, it is not found then go find the next PLCMSGString etc... If search the enire spreadsheet and did not find anything i put in comments in the excel cells.

  • Re: Having issues with findnext function does not work like I want it.

    Without looking too closely at your code, what sticks out like a sore thumb as being not terribly robust is the .findnext line which, according to Help:"Continues a search that was begun with the Find method". That'd be the last find method executed. You have three instances of .Find before that, two of them are conditional. That means that any one of the three could have been the last .Find.
    Solution, be explicit with what you're looking for again with .Find instead of .FindNext.
    Replace that .findnext line with the likes of:
    Set Ind = .Find(PLCMSGString, after:= Ind, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlWhole)

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