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  • Hi All,

    I currently use a third party utility to capture my Excel Print output to a *.PDF format and it works OK.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to write some VB or VBA code to do this directly from Excel ?

    I'm guessing you would probably need to hook into Acrobat distiller or PDF Writer somehow, has anyone tried this ?



  • Hi AJW,


    I was wondering if anyone has tried to write some VB or VBA code to do this directly from Excel ?

    Yes, however I have not yet been able to solved it with network...(It require a server-licens)

    Let me know if You want my solution for a stand-alone computer and I will upload it here :yes:

  • Thanks Jack UK & XL-Dennis for the responses.

    I found an adding from Adobe that I assume is written in VB/VBA that makes use of Distiller or Writer. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to attach it, but I guess unless you have either of these installed the addin is useless to you.

    XL-Dennis does your code require the installation of Adobe Acrobat Distiller or Writer? I'd be interested in seeing if it can be achieved without using these tools?? I've also read that you can use ghostscript somehow to do the same and that every machine has this installed?

    Any code or leads on which would be the best approach would be appreciated.

    Thanks Guys


  • Hi If the Adobe Add in is free and public domain please email over on [email protected] and ill see if you really need Distiller, writer.

    I guess if its adobe add in, I’ve never seen such for excel, but then again i don’t use it. It would seem so.

    I also say all VBA solution will need Adobe X to create the PDF Excel is not capable of this.

    Jack in the UK

  • Hi AJW,

    One of the mainproblem with other PDF- softwares then Adobe is the lack of a programmatically interface, i e we can´t access the object-library via VBA because it does not exist any libraries...

    OK, I can give You a list of good PDF-softwares but access them via VBA ? No.

    Of course we can use the SHELL-command to fire up a PDF-software but that does not answer Your primary request.

    I attach an add-in that make use of the PDF-writer. The interface is in swedish but the VBA is in english :coolwink:

    Please use the attached file as an example only:

    Please keep us updated about Your findings :)

  • Hi AJW,

    Your two last messages have been deleted by me as a moderator.

    The files You had uploaded (add-ins) are both part of the commercial software Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    The license agreement does not allow You to distribute the add-ins at all and therefore I decided to delete the posts.

    I regret that I delete the whole messages but the explanation for it was that I didn´t find anyway to only delete the attachments.

    Except for that no damage since no other member have been downloading them.

  • Hi Xl-Dennis

    When I tried to use the add-in, I get the error in line

    Dim objDistiller As New ACRODISTXLib.PdfDistiller

    Do I need to check in any references?


  • Xl-Dennis

    Thanks for your reply.

    Do I need to have the Adobe Distiller Installed? If so, Can you kindly tell me the procedure. If I need to buy the installer, I may explore this option.


  • i have Adobe Acrobat Writer installed, but haven't much experience with it. There is a a submenu on my Excel File Menu - Create PDF which creates a PDF file, but it only picks up the active sheet. It only takes seconds to complete.
    Not sure if this can be used to export the whole workbook to PDf.


  • Hi XL-Dennis,

    I agree good call to get ride of the posts if the attachments are commercial.

    I was not aware of this as these we given to me by another user. I assumed they were freely distributable and of limited value unless you have the proprietry software installed, anyway sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thanks for your througherness, good job.


    Dave H.

    Give this guy a medal :bsmile: He's a great moderator.

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