• [INDENT][INDENT]Hello I have an issue I could use a hand in figuring out. I have a workbook for inspections, with checkboxes for yes no and N/A. And on other sheets on that same workbook that information once selected on that specific point needs to transfer the selection onto one of the other sheets on that workbook. So only certain parts of the inspection having to do with just those specific parts of that inspection transfers. Say one reads has system reset properly the individual will select yes and that selection then moves to the specific tab or sheet having to do with that type of inspection so they dont have to go through both sheets and select all the same info multiple times. Is this possible and how can it be accomplished.

    Thanks Anthony

    And why does it take posting something several times I see posts around mine looked at doaens if not 100's of times and answered after a minutes time yet mine don't ever get looked at or answered, Just wondering[/INDENT]

  • Re: Checkboxes

    Hi Anthony:

    You post is visible and is being examined.

    Do you have any sample workbook that you could post here that better describes the details of your goal??

    Have a Great Day!

  • Re: Checkboxes

    I cant upload them as they are too large. But say one of the parts say a-1 does system reset normally with three checkboxes associated with that, what ever the selection should match up to the same information on sheet 2 and say a-2 says does system refill noramlly and when they select the yes no or n/a that selection will also transfer over to say sheet 3. its certain questions are reasked on the other sheets having to be that way due to indepth procedures having to do with fire inspections. So rather then have my employees go through all the sheets and select the same answers two and three times Id like them only to have to do it once.

  • Re: Checkboxes

    Here is an example. The 1st sheet is and example of some of the things on an inspection then on sheet 2 the A. is supposed to transfer from sheet 1 too 2 with the selection that was made on the 1st sheet. And B on the first sheet needs to transfer to the 3rd sheet and again its just the checkboxe data that needs to transfer.

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