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  • [INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Hello I have an issue I could use a hand in figuring out. I have a workbook for inspections, with checkboxes for yes no and N/A. And on other sheets on that same workbook that information once selected on that specific point needs to transfer the selection onto one of the other sheets on that workbook. So only certain parts of the inspection having to do with just those specific parts of that inspection transfers. Say one reads has system reset properly the individual will select yes and that selection then moves to the specific tab or sheet having to do with that type of inspection so they dont have to go through both sheets and select all the same info multiple times. Is this possible and how can it be accomplished.

    Thanks Anthony

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]51698[/ATTACH]Here is an example of what Im trying to accomplish[/INDENT]

    I have to take the selections from sheet a and have them autotransfer once selected onto sheet 2 and 3 where applicable.

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your sheet design is horrible.

    My first recommendation is to get the structure corrected. See Efficient Spreadsheet Design

    Avoid the use of merged cells. Enlarge the row/column to accomodate the text.
    Rather than checkboxes, which make the sheet look cluttered and unprofessional, use a Data Validation drop down list. By using this method, we can use a worksheet change event to automatically transfer the data. Checkboxes are the wrong control for this type activity, anyway - should be option buttons.

    However, at least in the sample workbook, there is no obvious means of correlating which sheet the selections should ne copied to.

    You really have some work to do before anyone can begin helping with code. If the sample workbook is not truly reflective of the real workbook, then upload one that exactly duplicates the structure (and is correctly structured per the above link).

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    This is not what my form looks like its just an example to show people what I need to accomplish cause last time I tried to post they said I needed a example and my forms are too large to post as well as having sensitive data that cannot be shared, not what my form even close to looks like this. good job super moderator in epically failing.

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    Epic fail? You seem to have an inability to accept constructive comments offered with right intentions.

    Based solely on the example you provided my comments are accurate and stand correct. We can only assess and help based on information you provide. If it is lacking and of poor quality, consider the source of the info. If you didn't get the response you expected - then the fault rests squarely with you. Don't blame others.


    This is not what my form looks like . . . .not what my form even close to looks like this

    And somehow you expected those helping to know this and offer a precise solution?

    I suppose you haven't heard of using a file share and providing a link for workbooks to large to upload here?

    How about taking the time to actually read the forum rules.
    Rule #4


    Never be rude. Please take the time to thank those who took their time to help you.

    The epic fail remark is completely uncalled for.

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