Forum Rules


    1a. Thread titles MUST aptly and concisely describe your problem.
    1b. Your title must describe your problem, not your anticipated solution.
    1c. Use terms suitable to a Google search and do not use words like "Please Help", "Urgent", "Excel Problem"
    1d. Do not use Excel formulas in thread titles. E.g. "Help with VLOOKUP" (you have assumed the solution to your problem involves VLOOKUP).

    Why? All of the above makes your code search engine friendly and easier for other people with similar problems to find solutions. It turns Ozgrid into a knowledge base, rather than a forum.


    2a. Search for an answer to your question. If everyone follows rule number 1, you will get a surprisingly accurate result.
    2b. Please dont open old Threads. Someone who posted a question 10 years ago is probably still not waiting for a solution, even if you are certain it is the best solution!
    2c. Please dont start a new question in an existing thread. This is known as Thread hi-jacking. Start your own thread. Its Free! If you need to, you can link back to the thread that you thought might have been helpful.


    3a. You MUST use code tags when posting.

    Click the code button ( the "</>" one ) on the editor toolbar and enter/paste your code in the area displayed - it will look like this

    Your code goes here

    Why? This will make your code more readable and allow developers to easily copy it for testing.

    3b. Any attachments should be provided by uploading them within the post itself, please do not use links to file sharing sites or cloud drives as these links will break over time and damage the credibility of the content.


    4a. Do not post your question multiple times, be patient - people will see your question and answer when they get to it. Duplicate posts will be removed, and if continued will result in a ban.
    4b. Do not cross-post without supplying a link to the duplicate question on the other Forum.
    4c. Never be rude to the person giving help. Please take the time to thank those who took their time to help you..
    4d. Never be rude to the person you're helping.

    Why? Because every single person that helps out at Ozgrid does so on their own free time. This is a free to post forum so show some gratitude. Besides, its nice to be nice and you will find that people will help you, if you help them by being a good responsible forum citizen.


    5a. No asking to crack passwords of any kind. Doing so, even innocently, will get you banned.
    5b. No asking for help with homework or college assignments. We will not do it for you. This also applies to the hire Help forum.
    5c. Web scraping. Ozgrid will not assist you in systematically acquiring data (even in the public domain) from a other peoples websites. We will show you how to do excel/browser automation with generic examples and answer specific questions related to browser automation VBA methods


    6a. Posting in incorrect Forums. If we perceive you have posted in the wrong Forum, we will move your post for you. We want you to have the best possible chance of someone answering your question. We will of course, let you know if we have done this.
    6b. Do not argue with moderators and other forum members about the rules. If you feel you are being mistreated, please Report the Post or contact one of the Admin or Super Moderators on the site.

    6c. There are additional fields on your profile that let us know which version of Excel you are using. This is extremely useful for members to check out when providing solutions to your questions. Please ensure these fields are populated in order to help you get the most out of your time here at OzGrid.


    • Think about your thread title and search before starting a new thread.
    • Dont ask us to do something bad or stupid. We wont do it.
    • Be Nice!

    Despite all the rules- we're actually not a bad bunch of folks! Have a great day and welcome to OzGrid:)

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