Vlookup result with multiple datas

  • Hi Guys,

    We are having a file wich pick result based on a chassis code using a bench of vlookup.

    The process is as follow: We fill up column J in the test tab with a chassis number and it will pick the necessary infos in tab Model sheet to fill up the column S, R and Q. One code returns one car model. Based on the attached file A. [ATTACH]n1193004[/ATTACH]

    The issue that we have right now is that we would need to fill up multiple choice at once, so let say if we write in column J, FD2,DC5, we will need all the tags to be filled up at once in the column S, R and Q. Having duplicate won;t be an issue. You can see the concrete result that we wanna achieve on the attached file B. [ATTACH]n1193005[/ATTACH]

    Do you guys have a solution, we have been turning that thing around but i do believe that the only way maybe via a Macro yet we are not good enough to make it happen.

    Thanks guys


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