VBA code to count rows based on a value and add new blank rows if not divisible by 8

  • Hi

    I have asked this before but didn't get a resolution and thinking I possibly didn't ask it correctly so am going to try again.

    I am creating a mail merge document for stickers each sheet has 8 stickers

    the mail merge data consists of class data I want to create a VBA code that will look at the class code column and when the class code changes count back how many rows this class code covers and if not divisible by 8 will add enough blank rows so it is and then the same for the next set of class codes in that column.

    this is to ensure that when I complete the mail merge there aren't multiple classes on one sheet of stickers, I have a code that will add one row at a change in value in the class code column but this doesn't get me over the need to not have multiple classes on one sticker sheet

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