Excel COUNTIF Not Working

  • I have created a database for our team to capture our statistics. I’ve used drop down list and have created tallies so that we are able to monitor our progress in work performance. I have been asked to incorporate our resources into the excel database and since adding in the new drop down list and tallies my COUNTIF formula is not working. I have checked and I my formula looks right, I have check that there doesn’t appear to be spaces in between. Why is it no working? I have tried to test the formula. If there is something in the cell before I put in the COUNTIF formula (=COUNTIF(Q7:Q27,”*Quit because you can booklet*”) ) it will calculated the tally but if I delete the items in the specific cells it does not update the tally. If there is nothing in the cells it just returns 0 and if something is added it just stays at 0. Can anyone help me? thanks

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