Macro to click dynamic hyperlink on webpage

  • I have an issue with a Macro I am trying to write to enable the following to happen:

    A sheet is populated with the login information of a number of people who have access to a website.
    Running the macro opens the website in IE, logs into the admin area of the site and open a search screen.
    It then copies the first users details into the relevant area and presses a filter button
    The relevant persons name is populated into a list with a hyperlinked piece of text which can be clicked to go through to the users details.

    Due to the nature of the setup of the site, I don’t seem to be able to ascertain what code I need to use to click the hyperlinked piece of text so that the rest of the macro can do as needed. The text as it appears on the screen has an ID of ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_gridResults

    But as the hyperlink that sits under it, is dynamic and changes dependant on whatever is entered into it and the results obtained, I cant work out what I need to enter to get it to click on the link. Clicking the text manually and then running the rest of the macro allows it to work fine, but I would like to automate the whole thing if possible.

    Can you help?

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