PDF Adobe copy to excel

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    The save to Word will be slower but data will be more structured. That may be more "Suite" though. If only you knew someone that had a sweet tooth...

    This may be a trick or treat for you.

    I added some links to help you with the table import method. More steps would be needed to get the textbox parts. I did that sort of thing once. At worst, the content method would be fine for that. As in the other case, several know how to do the Word to Excel parts.

  • Add a sheet with tab name Data and the headers that you wanted.

    Change the value p to your path for the docx files. Add the reference to Microsoft Word as commented.

    This is almost right. Columns 7 and 10 have some vbLF characters that did not port over. A Regular Expression method or such could be used to find the last number and then add the vbLF character. Or, a Replace() can be used for key words like, Each, Packs, Per Pack.

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