Calculate Vacation Accrual Based Years Of Service - Excel

  • Could I please ask for assitance with a formula that would calculate the number of days accured based on a person start date, please see attached template.

    We switched from a per-loaded PTO system to an accrual system and I have been tasked with cleaning it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Original PTO plan, any unused PTO from this was carried over into the new plan
    1-2 years given 40 hours
    3-5 years given 80 hours
    6+ years 120 hours

    March 1,2016 New PTO plan 15th and End of Month accrual schedule, this can be carried over and will stop accruing once the max is reached.
    start accrue at 1.66 per pay period with a max of 40 hrs
    after 1 year accrue at 3.33 per pay period with a max of 80 hrs
    After 3 years accrue at 5 hour per pay period with a max of 120 hour
    after 6 years accrue at 6.66 per pay period with a cap of 160

    Thanking anyone who able to assist in advance.

  • can you post a sample worksheet of start dates etc ... with an expected result .... help us to see more accurately what you're looking for. I've semi-done this before ... just want to see what you want.

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