Macro to convert a cross Tabular Data into a Database format

  • Hello All Experts,

    I am using Excel 2010 and have a problem as shown on the Before Sheet – sample attached
    I would like to have a macro which should do the following

    • I will select the Data and then run the Macro.
    • It should run on the active Sheet – My data will have only one sheet.
    • Create a new Sheet Result and give the output as shown on the sample file attached.


    • Data Start from A3
    • A1 and A2 are blanks
    • Names are in Row 1
    • DN is in Row 2
    • Col A has merged Cells to indicate number of Rows to be copied on the Result sheet
    • Number of Rows to be copied depends on the Merged Cells in Col A
    • Cells are colored for explanation purpose only
    • Result displays the output only for Name1 and Name2 for explanation purpose. Name3 and Name4 should also show on the Result Sheet

    Thanks in advance

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