Treeview for organizational hierarchy with multiple layers

  • Hi,
    I have a rather simple problem which I failed to find the answer in different forums.
    I have a set of data which shows the organizational hierarchy in a company. There is 4 columns: Manager ID (Column A), Manager name (Column B), Employee ID (Column C), Employee Name (Column D),. We are talking about a multiple layer organization, so the same employee in Column C&D can also manage people and in this case their ID & name will be repeated in the Column A&B. You can think this as CEO (Manager) manages CFO (employee) and in the next row CFO(Manager) manages Finance Director (Employee). You can see the sample in the attached excel.

    I have a rather big organization, I want to build a Macro which populates multiple level nodes and show the organization hierarchy in multiple levels with names (no ID). After populating the treeview;
    1) I need to Drag and drop employees and manages to fix possible complexities
    2) Double click to an employee name or manager name to initiate another macro which will show some information about the related person.

    I use excel Macros quite frequently but on a basic level and I never used Treeview; so I appreciate if you can explain in details

    Thanks a lot

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