Identifying values which do not appear on a second spreadsheet

  • I pull reports form an HR program in excel format. I have a run a report which shows all staff who are compliant with requirements with a column for name and one for employee number. I have another report which shows all positions in the organisation with a column each for position, cost centre, employee's name and employee number. Some people are on the position report more than once under different cost centres as they are part time in each position. I need to copy the names and employee numbers from the first compliance report onto the second position report to identify the people who are non-compliant with requirements. Just searching for doubles and removing them doesn't work as it will include those who sit in more than one position who may not be compliant. I can't remove the second position as managers have to search for staff using their cost centre. Any ideas how I can go about identifying those who are non-compliant?

  • We can't manipulate a picture. Attach a sample workbook with an example of what you want (before and after) manually mocked up.

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