Indirect to another workbook

  • Hi All,

    I have several (50) workbooks for which I am trying to create a dashboard in order to show a summary of all work.
    All workbooks are always in the same location but the summary sheet may not be (does this matter ?)

    I create a list of all workbooks in Cell A1:A50 on a sheet named dashboard within a workbook called "Summary of Work"
    A1= "Case 1"
    A2= "Case 2"

    How I can reference the names (without a suffix) "Case 1" to make reference to the "Case 1.xslx" with the indirect function

    None of the reference workbooks will be open, so I am not sure if Indirect will work?
    Maybe the index-Match function instead?

    Any help is very much appreciated

    Thank you

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