Generate List from Different Sheet

  • I feel like this is just extremely easy and I'm over-thinking it and tripping myself up on the adaptations. A fresh pair of eyes and a fresh brain will help tremendously.

    I'm creating a list of 'heroes' for a game project. On a summary sheet I have each hero sheet combined and I am attempting to manipulate it on a front page.

    In column G on 'Summary' I am trying to display all listings with an 'AGI' attribute as defined in 'HeroSummary'!B2:B38 (column contents of B are either AGI, INT or STR) .. 'HeroSummary'!A2:A38 are the names of the heroes to be populated starting in Summary!G4 (a paste down script down the G column?) ..

    The closest I've gotten is getting just one name to display but can not get any of the scripts to read down further on other matches.

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