Combine xlsx Files into one and get filename alongside each row and filename too

  • Please help me in getting a VB scrip which would help me in printing the file name and also the date and time of the file. Am now using the script from the below link. But the print of date and time of the file is also my requirement.…lename-alongside-each-row
    My current excel files have the below format. [TABLE="border: 0, cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0"]
    [TR="class: cke_show_border"]
    [TD="width: 64"]ID[/TD]
    [TD="width: 64"]Username[/TD]
    [TD="width: 64"]Last Name[/TD]
    [TD="width: 64"]First Name[/TD]
    [TD="width: 64"]Remarks[/TD]
    [TD="width: 64"] [/TD]
    File name format <TicketNo>.csv
    I want to print the ticket no and also the date modified of the file adjacent to the respective rows and final should come as below.
    Ticket No ID Username Last name First Name Remarks

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