Macro which don't allow any value to disappear.

  • Dear All Experts ,

    I Need your help to fix this real issue with my workbook. I am really worried how it can be fixed, I have a Workbook with 2 sheets named as "Data" and "Records" , sheet1 "Data" which has all the information and sheet 2 "Records" where formula's update the calculations from "Data" sheet when the status changes to Deposit ,Cash, Done, for particular month/ year , so far everything was working perfectly by using formula for calculations for making yearly reports.

    but the things not permanent in "Record" sheet as soon as I make changes on my "data" sheet again ,things are also changing in "Records" sheet which I really don't want. it should only add up thing without subtracting anything.

    Once Any values coming in "Records" sheet it should be permanent and should not go away even after making any changes like again status changed on "data" sheet till the time things not deleted manually in "Records" sheet

    Need any macro which can make this thing possible ....

    I have attached a sample workbook .....please Help..

    Thank you..

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