Create a automatic Log book on the basis of creteria values added and delete

  • I have added a macro to add to the log and one to add the date deleted to the log. the macros require that you have the cell with the name of the tenant selected before you click the button.

    Thank you soo Much Brian Walters for your time and help. the Macro is running perfectly .


    1) IS IT POSSIBLE TO REMOVE The CONDITION for clicking the name first TO RECORD or to remove DATA.....can it be like whenever NAME WITH EMAIL OR CONTACT NUMBER entered TOGETHER .it come it day added info and whenever same info deleted together.. added in date info deleted...????


    2) Instead of clicking the name first to record the data by two buttons only, can it will be possible to put two extra buttons for each flat on its row without name condition , date added and date deleted. later i will adjust those buttons on required row and column.???

    Thank you.

  • Because the data contains multiple rows and columns for each tenant's information, the macro needs to have a starting point from which it can pull the required fields. This starting point doesn't have to be the name field, but it needs to be something whose position is known in relation to the other fields needed. I don't understand the two scenarios you are describing. Can you elaborate or upload examples?

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