Copy Pasting Cells Inside a Table Under Certain Conditions

  • Hello everyone,

    the goal of my code is to:

    Find "[term] - Competency" inside the sheet called "Data", and then:

    1) Highlights the cell "[term] - Competency" in yellow
    2) it looks for "[term] - [level of effort]" that has something written on the cell on the right from it.
    3) Highlights the cell "[term] - [level of effort]" in purple
    4) Copy the two cells on the right from it and pastes it next to "[term] - Competency"

    This is the issue I am having:

    Once the code has finished step 1, it is supposed to look for the cells below it and continue on step 2,3,4 But in the instances that it did not work, It identified the cell above it instead, which is empty, hence why it doesn't copy paste the details.

    Instead of the cell identifying "Connect - Low Effort" that is below "Connect - Competency", it identified the cell that was above it.

    I don't understand why it does identify the one above in certain instances and why it does not in other instances.

    Here is my code:

    Thank you for your help in this important issue of mine :)

    I have attached a photo of the issue and the data sheet.

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