Item sales price filtered by Item no. and date intervall

  • Excel version: Excel 2016

    I have found one thread her from 2013 and some other online, but can`t find one with the answer I like.

    I have a sales system in excel for my small business, that includes warehouse, price in, price out and customers. Everything works just perfect, until I was going to set the price up.
    I made a simplification of my workbook (attached) because it holds customer data and a lot of VBA. But for this I hope someone can find a formula to fix it.

    I have in column A (Sales tab) a date when the product was purchased and what product number that was purchased. I want a formula that pick the correct price depending on Date and Item No. from the Tab named “Prices”.

    There is a start and stop date, I would like to have it like that, but if necessary Start date will do it for now.

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