check date criteria and match

  • You'll have to make Table 3 as large as you think you will ever need to show all results. It won't auto expand/contract...

    In A2 enter Array* formula:


    and in B2

    =IFERROR(INDEX(Table1[TOTAL FEE],SMALL(IF(Table1[DATE]=$G$3,ROW(Table1[DATE])-MIN(ROW(Table1[DATE]))+1),ROWS(A$2:A2))),"")

    copied down as far as you need to get all possible data.


    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

  • thank you, it worked but pls it seems like there are irregularities in my date in table 1, how do i make a date column to pick the date format.

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