Creating Pivot table using VBA

  • Ok Here is my problem:

    I Have to create a sheet for every month of the year, so I can know how much of each product we have. To do this im thinking in using a pivot table in another workbook to make things more organized. But i have to do it for every month so to make things easier im thinking in using VBA to create it for every Sheet.

    I Already have a macro for exctrating the data I need from a mastersheet, the only problem is to create the pivot table for every month

    in the pivot table I want to organize it by type of product in the week. To do it I created a column with the week number, and for easer reading i want to show the number of the first and last day of that week.

    In case my explanation wasnt clear I have a sample of my sheet here. It have the macro to import the data, in case you think is important, a exemple of the way I want the pivot table.

    The pivot table is in the same file for this sample but for my use I would like to be in another Workbook (Error.xlms) if you can help me to make this happen i would be glad

    If you have a better idea to mass create the pivot table with the same configuration to all the sheets not using VBA Im dont mind.

    I looked in a lot of places of how to create a pivot table but none worked and thats why im here.

    I Started this week to use VBA and I have no knowledge on coding so dont judge too bad it

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