Printing Issues

  • Good morning all,

    I've been having some printing issues with some forms I have created. Most of the users who are utilizing the forms are not having issues there are a few though that when they try to print them or view them they are stretching to multiple pages rather then the one its supposed to be set as. Im trying to figure out why their view is skewed and why its not keeping the printing setups that are currecntly configured as most others do. We all use the same version and updates to excel. Just wondering how and why it would move checkboxes and move wording and messing w/ printing aspects. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.


  • Re: Printing Issues

    I even added a reg edit that well was supposed to fix the issue QFE_Sitka modified and set to 1. Apparently that should have fixed the issue and this answer was found on microsofts site itself. So any other suggections would be helpful.

  • We know that every technical thing occurred some issue but we have to figure out the solution. I have been using a Canon printer for my work and also faced the same issue. I also use excel sheet for my work purpose. I thought it was cartridge problem and changed the cartridge but anothe rissue occurred that was when I wanted to print anything that time Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages . I think printer users also faced the problem and i hope got the solution.

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