Filter not showing all results

  • I have this sheet with order's number and to make it easier to use. I created a text box that when typed it will filter the number that contains it in the Order Columns.

    However some of the numbers when typed dont show. For instance if I type 999 it wont show any results. but if you go to the filter dropdown arrow in the column header and in the search field you type 999 it will show all the results.

    Im totally confuse and dont know what is making this happen or how to solve it, if anyone can help me. If there's a solution using another method to filter instead of a textbox I dont mind it

    here's the code and the sample sheet

  • I found the problem and solution

    The problem was that some values was treated as numbers and others as text to solve it i used this code to convert all values to text.

    If anyone knows why some values was treated like number and others not, I would be glad to know

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