Advice on csv import

  • I know what i want to achieve, I probably know how to do most of it myself too. Im just after some design advice before I begin. This is for a profit loss sheet for trading crypto currency.

    On the final design I want a summary page that will show % profit/loss for each coin, then at the end a total. Possible in the future to link to the API for live data but historical will be ok for now.

    I imagine (unless told otherwise) all coins would have to be kept on a seperate page/sheet? Prehaps some VBA that moves the coin to the right page on import, or creates it if needed.

    Each "trade" listed will have a unique reference number. This should be checked on import to avoid duplicates. As they are moved, the qualtity on any order that is "buy" should have a negatiive value (basically add - before the number) so the figure is calculated correctly.

    Im just wondering if someone could offer some feedback and possibly help with the code.


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