Insert multiple rows above a hardcoded cell

  • Hi, I need help in creating macro for inserting 5 rows above years 2011. My column C3 contains "2011", C4 "2005", C5 "1993", C6 "1983", C7 "1979", C8 "2011", C9 "2005", C10 "1993", C11 "1983", C12 "1979". The same data until C1300. Now I need to insert 5 rows above all the cells containing "2011", and the inserted row above 2011 should have a value of "2012", above 2012 there should be "2013", above 2013 there should be "2014", above 2014 there should be "2015" and above 2015 there should be "2016".

  • Hello,

    You would only a macro for a repetitive process ... :wink:

    It would appear from your description ... you are dealing with a one-time-only task ...

    Is that right or not ...?

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