Run macro in Word 2010 from Webbrowser button click

  • Hi,

    Hopefully I post it in the right forum.

    I have a userform in a Word 2010 application with a webbrowser object in it.
    Before i show this userform, i create the needed HTML code to open in the webbrowser.
    The HTML code represent a labelsheet (A4), and the table rows & columns varry with the selected label sheet.
    Obvious, this depends on the number of labels across and down on the label sheet.

    In fact, it's only a table with a button in each table cell.

    Because there's no Click event in the webbrowser object, I can't get its Row / Column value when I click in a table cell.

    The probem i have is that i can't figure out what the HTML syntax is to run a subroutine from within the same userform.
    The purpose is to retreive the table row & column number when i click a button.

    the OnClick line give me always an error like:
    Error 20 Permission denied
    line: 45
    char: 30
    error: Expected ";"
    code: 0
    URL: .....

    when i remove this line i don't get this error anymore.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can help me to solve this problem.

    here's part of the generated HTML code:

    and here's the test code from the Word subroutine that need to run when click on a button (need to be tuned).

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