Combining two VBA codes that hadles the printing

  • Hello to everyone. I am looking for a solution to combine or merge two VBA codes that handles the printing. First VBA (that works) does the folowing:
    -checks the second column for 0(zero) value and where it finds it the row that contains 0 (zero) on column 2 will be hidden. This VBA code runs whenever the "Print Preview" or "Print" is pressed. This VBA code works like a charm. And it is only for THE FIRST WORKSHEET.

    The second VBA should be working together with the first VBA code, additionally should check 3 different cells A1, A2 and A3. These 3 cells can only have two values: 0 or 1. If value in A1 is 1 it should print Sheet2, if A1 is 0 to not print it. If value in A2 is 1 it should print Sheet3 if A2 is 0 to not print it and so on.

    These two VBA should handle the final printing.

    I would totally appreciate any ideas, as i am a noob in the VBA coding.

    Thank you

  • Without any examples or code to view, I might suggest some IF statements to solve your final printing needs after the first VBA code completes.

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