Searchable Combo Box Displaying Data From Multiple Worksheets Under Single Workbook

  • Any assistance would be appreciated towards completing a project I am working on. I am looking to capture data from multiple worksheets representing the days of the month in a searchable Combo Box drop down list. The drop down search results list needs to display columns 1, 2, and 3 under the data from all the worksheets representing the days of the month.

    - I have created a searchable Combo Box drop down list, but I am unable to display the data under the additional worksheets.

    - The Combo Box drop down list only displays columns 2 and 3.

    - The search results list displays all the names under the current worksheet, but I am looking to display only the text characters entered towards shorting the search results.

    I am a beginner at excel that is looking to improve and wanted to know if it is possible to create a workbook that outlines the above info. I have attached test workbook that I have been working on. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this posting.

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