Loop Through Set Range & Run Macro for Every Column in Range

  • Hi, I am working on a project and am stuck on a problem regarding entering "Bye's" into a set range of letters. The bye's position will be determined row 22 of the column. I have created a macro that will do it individually but it would be a lot of codes for all the separate columns. I have attached an example which will hopefully show what I'm trying to achieve. I know I could enter the byes manually but.... That wouldn't be as much fun..... + I hope to do a larger project once I have the small one working properly. P.s The code is in the example sheet

  • Hi HowHow,
    try this

  • Nilem, Yup that works very well... I wont pretend to full understand the code but I guess I will have to have a play with it in order to get my head round it.

    Thank you very much!! :)

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