Downloading data from web pages rendered by FireFox 47+

  • [FONT="Helvetica"]Deal all.

    I would download data to Excel from a web page that pops-up only clicking on a button of the website home page (= the page will pop-up through a javascript code activated by clicking on a home-page’s button).
    The installed browser in my PC is the latest version Firefox (FF 50).
    I found an interesting blog to overcome the problem through a code called “SeleniumBasic” (a free software giving additional Excel references and VBA objects-properties/methods to act on FF as well as on Edge, Chrome and Opera).
    Unfortunately FireFox (FF) release 48 and newer is not available for SeleniumBasic and therefore it seems not possible to download data through this method.

    Is there any VBA solution to download data to Excel from a web page when this page is rendered by new FireFox versions?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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