Value duplicates in a matrix VBA

  • [h=1]I have this code to get the smallest number that can find and his column in each row of the matrix and write it in cells(column where it was found, row)

    This is the matrix at the beginning

    I execute the code and this is what happens

    The code works as intended he always finds the smallest number in a row, make it orange and copy the right machine.

    The problem now is how can i have the program check the column "Total" each time there is more than one smallest number in the same row and make orange and copy the number wicht row has the smallest "Total"

    It should do this to the matrix

    Change the number orange in row 5 and copy that number to cells("K3")

    This is the code i have right now

    I know i can have something like this to get the number of smallest number that exist in that row
    But i don't know what to put in the else part

    Dim iVal As Integer
        iVal = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range(Cells(i, 2), Cells(i, maqs + 1)), menor)
        If iVal = 1 Then
        ............What i currently have .....
        ............What do i do here?.........

    Can someone help me?[/h]

    [VBA]vba & excel, matrix, table, algorithm[/VBA]

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