New workbook with worksheets from different files

  • I have monthly files that I need to put into a workbook.

    For an example,
    I have the following workbooks
    Workbook AAA contains sheet name 111AAA, 222AAA, 333AAA, 444AAA
    Workbook BBB contains sheet name 111BBB, 222BBB, 333BBB, 444BBB
    Workbook CCC contains sheet name 111CCC, 222CCC, 333CCC, 444CCC
    Workbook DDD contains sheet name 111DDD, 222DDD, 333DDD, 444DDD

    What I have to do every month is to create new workbooks and organize it like so:

    Workbook 111 with sheets 111AAA, 111BBB, 111CCC, 111DDD
    Workbook 222 with sheets 222AAA, 222BBB, 222CCC, 222DDD
    Workbook 333 with sheets 333AAA, 333BBB, 333CCC, 333DDD
    Workbook 444 with sheets 444AAA, 444BBB, 444CCC, 444DDD

    So basically the numbers are account codes and the letters are the type of report. There are 20+ accounts with about 10 different reports that doing this manually takes too much of my time. I'm looking for a way to start writing this macro (just started learning) as I have no idea where to start. Any insights would be helpful. Thanks!

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