Image_excel vba macros

  • I would like to get your help on Excel and VBA.

    I have attached my excel sheet with this message

    My task to do is:

    When I click on Sheet 2 (which STARTS FROM E) and the button bar that row should move to next sheet which is Sheet 2, which is working perfectly.I followed this from this link

    Now when I filter the number using Cluster No 3 column, the button image is missing and I cannot pick my rows as I did before. I want to use the macros while filtering.

    Also I would like to create VBA interface like this image attached which is when I click on accept molecule it should go to one excel sheet, and when I click on rejected molecule button it should go to other sheet.
    Any leads will be helpful.

    Thank you very much for making your efforts in answering to our questions..

    Its very useful students like me.Thanks
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